The Contents of A Blog

On Thursday I worked a nine hour shift and then had to go to a family dinner afterwards. It was a long day and I was not in the mood for what I found waiting for me here on my blog. You see, I had someone leave a comment that said I had stolen someone else’s idea when I posted the Lemon Hand Scrub idea. First off let me state that I had left a link for the original blog that I found it on and I also stated that I went to Pinterest to see if it was there as well, it was. I also went on to thank the blog for the recipe. With all of that said, the original comment stated that I don’t know how to get my own ideas for my blog. Umm, yes I do! Any of you that have followed me since I have started should know that I have only posted a handful of posts regarding Pinterest and the rest are my own ideas. I have posted 181 posts in the last year and maybe a handful of recipes have come from Pinterest. Is that plagiarism? When I found the idea on the other blog, I took it upon myself to go to other sources to make sure that it was “out there” for anyone to use. Now I didn’t think in a million years that getting a recipe from Pinterest and making it in your own kitchen was illegal. If someone posts a recipe on another blog and you try it in your own kitchen it is ok. But when you put it on your own blog, in your own way and even state which blog you got the recipe from it is out there for anyone to tell you that you stole it and can’t seem to come up with your own ideas. If you show step by step in your own words and your own pictures and then provide a link to the original source, another blog, it is apparently plagiarism. It is said that they won’t get the ‘traffic” and instead you do. I tend to disagree on that. I guess that I am the only one who will take it upon themselves to see how they did it compared to how I would do it. I am also the type that will look up information to make sure that it is accurate. I would never put an idea, recipe, or a project on here without doing my research first.

When you have a blog, you are putting yourself out there for everyone to see. There will be times that someone might not like what they see and will leave a comment. I totally understand that. When you have a blog and also have “Pin It” buttons on there as well, you are giving permission for people to keep your ideas, recipes, etc. I am ok with it. If you have a website and have a copyright that is totally different. Honestly, I have seen websites that have a copyright on there and still have a Pin It buttons. How can you steal something that is on a blog and on Pinterest? I went to the original site and her exact same recipe and pictures are on Pinterest. So if I said in my post that I am sharing an idea that I found on Pinterest then none of this would have happened. Period!

I will continue my blog, but I will not be mentioning any other blogs in my posts. Sorry, I don’t want to offend anyone, but I feel that it is in my best interest to do this. I always have, and will continue to have my own work posted on here. Hey, maybe some days will seem boring, but that is life right? Other days I might have “the bomb of a recipe” on here. I will keep my sense of humor and stay strong. I will not let this one thing get me down.

On another note, I will not be posting anything until after Christmas as this week will be pretty busy with work and baking going on. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I hope that Santa will bring you what you asked for :).



10 thoughts on “The Contents of A Blog

  1. Oh that’s too bad. But honestly doesn’t surprise me. Some of the sniping, shrewish comments left of these blogs. I often wonder if that’s all they do, They remind me of junior high girls “narking” at the least little perceived problem. Drama queens.

    A grownup would have emailed you privately and expressed their concerns.

    (And seriously, how many different ways could there possibly be to make lemon scrub.)

    In spite, please have a wonderful holiday season. Love the blog.

  2. I am gobsmacked!! I haven’t read the comment but anything like that says a whole lot more about that person than you! You, like me, posted the source we found it on…that is proper protocol but many do not do this. Blogs, Pinterest…any social media forum has SHARE buttons, we do it to SHARE. I couldn’t care less how many people share my original recipes or ideas and I use many others’ recipes with the source attached….and it directs people to other good sites. I am sorry you received such a spiteful message, I think you should carry on exactly the way you wish, it’your blog and she can push the unfollow button if she doesn’t approve. Wendy.

    • Thanks Wendy. You won’t see it as it was a fairly new follower and had never commented before. I am the same way here. If someone wants to try a recipe or whatever ideas that I share, that is why I am here. And for the record, any recipe that I have shared that I got from Pinterest was obviously pinned by either a blog reader or the blogger herself. I cannot control who pinned it before me. I have even had people that follow me, pin my own recipes even before I put a Pinterest button on here. Did it bother me? Heck no, I was flattered. I am going to continue with my blog, but I just will not be posting anything until after the holiday is over.

      • Sharing is what it’s all about for me. I used to ask first, all the time and often still do, the consensus is to “go for it, share all you like”!! I have only have one person that did not want me to other than a link to her page and I respected that. Honestly… some people!

  3. Sorry to hear you had to deal with that unpleasantness, Beth. You didn’t do anything I haven’t done. If I find a great recipe, I give a direct link and my only intention is to tell my blog friends about the great thing I found out there!
    Hope your Christmas is a joyful one.

  4. Your commenter is misinformed. Ideas cannot be copyrighted. If someone takes exact wording and/or photographs from a blog post and copies it onto their own blog, that is a violation of copyright law. However, if someone sees on idea on a blog post, writes their own instructions, and takes their own photos (or uses images which are in the common domain, those which they have legal right through purchase, or those under Creative Commons licensing), there is no copyright violation.

    Additionally, I wanted to clear up another thing you mentioned. The copyright symbol is merely a formality. As soon as you write something or photograph something you own the copyright. Putting a symbol on it merely serves as a reminder. (Copyright is not the same thing is trademark which protects the names of products and businesses.)

    tl;dr: You did nothing wrong.

  5. Just a clarification: As soon as you write something or photograph something, you own the copyright *to those words or images* (still, not the idea).

    After I posted I realized that part was a bit vague.

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