Back when my children were in school, they were always doing some project or having to write an essay about Christmas. This one in particular I am sharing with all of you. My daughter wrote this, but I am not sure what grade she was in when she did it. Ever since the day she brought it home with her grade for it, I always proudly put it on the fridge for everyone to see at Christmas time. I know that if she sees this, her eyes will roll and tell me “Oh Mother!” Hey what can I say, I like it and it now is a Christmas tradition to hang it up.


Snow-Flakes tip-toed to town,

With it came the Christmas crown.

People Laughed and played,

While others had to obey.

People dragged out their sleds,

But some preferred to stay in bed.

People Love to watch the snow glisten,

But all they could do was Lay and listen.

Snow-Flakes come on a busy day,

So kids can play, play, play.

Snow-Flakes dance from the sky,

But often they have to say good-bye!

I just wanted to share this poem with all of you, especially those of you that live in the snowy areas!


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