Frozen Snow and Bananas

It has been snowing here all day and I have been home most of the day by myself. I have been getting my list ready to shop for our food that we will need for Christmas day and I also thought that I would do some baking. I needed something for a quick breakfast and some snacking material.


This morning I took some bananas out to make my Banana Muffins, When I say took them out, I mean out of the freezer. I don’t know if many people know this or not, but you can freeze bananas until you need them in baking.


I freeze them until I need them for banana bread or muffins. I just let them thaw on the kitchen counter and try to keep them from touching each other if I want to have them quickly. When thawed I just pull the end off and the banana will slip right out of the peel.


Looks kind of weird but actually bananas in this state make a more moist baked good. I have done this for years and have never had a problem with the way any of my baked goods have turned out. They are mushy so they aren’t good for eating, but are just fine for putting in smoothies and baking.

Thought that this little tidbit of information would be helpful to anyone out there that has never frozen their bananas before……


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