Pinterest Cookies

Among all of the things that need done right now, including baking, I noticed that we have nothing in the house for snacks. I was not in the mood to drag out all of the staples and bake a batch of cookies so I turned to Pinterest for some ideas. I remember pinning a recipe that requires minimal work which is right up my alley! There was no name for these cookies, so I am calling them Banana Cookies. This recipe is healthy, simple and quick. On a whole I found them pretty tasty and so did my hubby.


First you need two large ripe bananas, I didn’t have two large so I used two and a half medium.


One cup of quick cooking oatmeal.


After you put the oatmeal and banana together, you can add whatever you want. I added a handful of dark chocolate chips and a handful of walnuts chopped. Mix it all together and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.


These are the resulting cookies, don’t they look delicious? They are like a drop cookie that doesn’t spread. Considering what is in them, they are quite healthy and you could actually add whatever you like. I was thinking that next time I might add some wheat germ or flax seed, the possibilities are endless. If I was aloud to have coconut , I would add some and then it would sort of be like a bite size granola bar.

I think that I might have a snack now, have a nice evening!




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