Holiday Rat Race

I had mentioned on my Facebook page that I am feeling overwhelmed this year trying to get everything done for Christmas. Generally I am the only one who will do all of the Christmas shopping. I have never really had any help with it and it never used to bother me, until this year. Also, I have always been the one to do all of the baking every holiday. The last several years my daughter has helped and that has been a tremendous help, but this year is different. She will be going away for almost a week and on top of that we have family coming in before Christmas and they usually come after Christmas. I am also the one who does pretty much all of the cleaning around the house and for some reason it is bothering me this year. Am I feeling overwhelmed? YES!!!!!! Between all of the above and working even though it is part time, I am feeling like I just want to throw my hands in the air and just tell everyone to buy their own presents, bake their own cookies and then I might feel like cleaning.

Just today we finally got the tree up even though it isn’t much this year due to having a kitty that likes to climb and bat at everything she sees.


The star on top didn’t want to light up, but do I care? No!! Is the tree crooked? Yes, but do I care? No!! I am calling this years tree and Christmas in general our Christmas Story. If any of you have ever seen the movie The Christmas Story, then you know what I mean. I am just hoping that the hound dogs from next door don’t come by and eat our turkey….hehe.

With our kitty getting into everything we didn’t put too many decorations out, which was fine with me. This weekend has been busy and I am tired. A Christmas dinner for hubby’s workplace on Friday night, worked yesterday, shopped last night, 4 loads of laundry today plus getting out all of the decorations has just worn me out.


Am I the only one who is tired of the commercial rat race that Christmas has become? Are we all supposed to conform to the commercials and movies that we see on tv? What happened to the real meaning of Christmas? I have to admit that I do enjoy seeing my children open their gifts on Christmas morning, even though they are young adults now. I also enjoy baking, but I don’t like it when I know there is so many other things that need done too.

I came to the realization today that I am going to do what I can do and that will be it! Less is best, even at the holidays. The only thing that I am making sure of is that my children get their presents, after that whatever happens, happens.


When all is said and done, I will sit down, have a cup of tea, relax and take care of myself. Hopefully on Christmas day everything will  fall into place.





4 thoughts on “Holiday Rat Race

  1. Good for you! I am in a similar situation and kind of think I should feel stressed, but I just don’t have enough energy to be stressed.
    I did some decorating tonight, not as much as usual, but it will be fine, and no big tree- not because of a kitty but because of little grandchildren.

    Merry Christmas to yku

  2. Ditto. I’m tired of “making merry” for everyone else. When it comes right down to it, I’ll have purchased and wrapped every gift…including my own. I heard this a.m., “So am I off the hook for Christmas?” Meaning have I bought my gifts so he doesn’t have to. Seriously? And on top of that, he makes no effort for his child and grandchildren (I don’t have any). No tree yet and, unless I physically get it myself, there won’t be one. Used to bake and bake, not a cookie or piece of fudge anymore…and that’s the part I enjoyed most. Oh well.

    15 days and it will be over. I would give my eye teeth to spend it in a cabin in the woods without all the nonsense.

    OK I’ll say it….bah humbug.

  3. I really can’t say bah humbug because I do enjoy Christmas. I just get so tired of trying to be the one to make everyone else happy not just at Christmas but all year long. It just seems worse at the holidays. The crazy thing is that I don’t have a dishwasher so whenever we do celebrate the holidays I literally spend ALL day in the kitchen. Oh well, I will enjoy Christmas morning, but after that I will be happy to take all of the decorations down and be glad to get back to normal.

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