Holiday Shopping

Are any of you brave enough to shop the Black Friday sales? Or are you the type that likes to sit in your pajamas on Cyber Monday and get all of the bargains that way? Personally I prefer to sit in the comforts of my own home and shop online. I tried the Black Friday thing once many years ago and I didn’t like the way people treated each other just to get a bargain. I mean think about it, “Susie” wants to get her son the top new toy of the year and she will do anything in her power to get it, even if it means punching another lady in the face. That kind of shopping is not for me. So when this time of year rolls around, I would rather sit on my perch with my cell phone in one hand and my laptop in the other waiting for the bargains to come to me. And one bargain did come to me.


This is my new family member, isn’t she pretty? This is a 5 quart Kitchen Aid mixer that I bought from Kohl’s online. I was briefly on Facebook last Wednesday and I saw a post from Money Saving Mom that said you could get a 5 quart Kitchen Aid mixer for around $142. This was supposed to be an early Black Friday special and I didn’t know when it would go off sale so I jumped right on this. It retails for $449 and Kohl’s had it for $339 or $349, I can’t remember. When you put it in your cart it automatically dropped to $319, then you could use a discount code to drop it another 15% or 20% depending on which code you used. Then you can send for a $50 rebate and receive $75 in Kohl’s cash, thus making it around $142. It works for me!!!

In the last 25 years of marriage all I have ever used is a hand mixer for all of my baking needs, that includes making all of my children’s birthday cakes from scratch including the frosting. I have lost track of how many potatoes got mashed by hand or with my hand mixer. Gee, maybe I better start going to the gym to work out my arms because I now have dough hooks to kneed my bread dough. I suppose that I can find other ways to work my arms out, like lifting the mixer from one counter to the other :).

I had to work yesterday so I missed shopping in my pajamas and getting some really good bargains, but I made up for it this morning. I checked some sites online and did manage to get a few things. I am going to have to brave the stores tomorrow and try to finish my shopping. Then all I will have to worry about is wrapping it all up!

Did I fail to mention that this Kitchen Aid mixer was supposed to be my present from my husband? I couldn’t wait until Christmas morning to open it. Sorry honey, I did save the box. Just put a bow on the box and put it under the tree. I will act surprised on Christmas morning :).



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