Thanksgiving Leftovers

Now that the Thanksgiving holiday is winding down, I am back to posting again. My son was home from college for five days and it was nice to visit with him, even if it did seem to fly by. Dinner was at our house again this year, and as always, we had too much food. Even though we stuffed ourselves, we still had a TON of leftovers. Personally, I love leftovers because that means that I don’t have to cook :), but after awhile my eyes start to cross just looking at them. I usually put leftovers in plastic containers to freeze, but a couple of weeks ago, I went to my local Dollar Tree and found these little aluminum containers.


The round containers have 4 in a package and the rectangle ones have 3 in a package. At $1 for each package it isn’t too bad of a price to store leftovers in to freeze. I originally bought them for giving leftovers to others so that I didn’t have to worry about them having to give me my dish back. No one wanted to take anything home, so I just used them to store leftovers in the freezer.


Two good size pieces of pie fit into the rectangular one perfectly! I can then freeze them for a night when I don’t have anything else on hand for a dessert, or if someone is having a sweet tooth. I am really liking the fact that once the leftover have been used, I can throw away the container, if it is one of those busy nights that no one will be home to do the dishes.

With a few things now stashed into the freezer, I will be making turkey soup on Tuesday with the saved carcass and whatever we can’t finish will also go into the freezer for another meal.

Don’t you just love leftovers?????





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