Taco Rollups

I wanted to make some taco pizza for dinner for everyone, but I didn’t want all of the salt that comes in salsa and taco sauce so I came up with taco rollups for myself. They are actually just like a pepperoni ball, but I figured that taco balls just didn’t sound appropriate :). You have to smile at that one.


I had made my own pizza dough and had already put the crust in the pizza pan for hubby and daughters pizza. This is the other half of the dough that would have originally gone into the other pan but instead I let it sit a little on the counter to raise.


I then took approximately a little more than a golf ball size of dough and flattened it. I then topped it with roughly 1 teaspoon of taco sauce.


I then put some low fat Mexican cheese and taco meat on top of the sauce. You can add salsa, black olives and whatever you may like except lettuce because these are going into the oven.


Bake at 425 degrees for 15 minutes. These are perfect for me because I can have one or two and not feel too guilty. They are perfect dipped in fat free sour cream…..Yummy!! You can serve them with a salad and it can be a perfect light meal.


This is the taco pizza that I made for hubby and daughter and they both said that it was delicious!

If you don’t make your own pizza dough, you can use the frozen bread dough and it probably would taste ok because I have used it for pepperoni balls before.

I love thinking of new things to eat, you have to have a variety in your life right?




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