Organizing The Clutter Part 2

Even though it is a sunny day here, I am inside with our kitty who was spayed yesterday. She is a little under the weather still so I decided to hang out inside today. She is my little side kick. When she is her perky self, she thinks nothing of jumping up on the couch beside me and snuggling with me. Today when I decided to finish cleaning the back room, she slowly wandered to the room with me.


She managed to get up in the chair and watch me. Poor little girl. Anyway I did tackle the job of cleaning up all of the paperwork that was on the one desk and I organized the other desk.


Why do I let things pile up? It always seems more of a chore to clean when there is more stuff piled up. At least this time it didn’t take as long as last week.


I do have to say that under the dinosaur of a computer I keep totes of craft items. Those totes stay there so that if I need a hot glue gun or craft paint, I know where they are. At some point I would like to get rid of the old computer, but my grown children still occasionally play games on there :). 004

It didn’t take me long to clean up all of the paper work and organize the junk by the desk top.  I didn’t dust yet so ignore any that you may see.  I didn’t want to start doing that until the kitty was out of the room.


I now have room to put my laptop on the desk when I want to print coupons! It is a great feeling of relief knowing that that room is organized. The only thing that I will do sometime after the holidays is organize my filing cabinet. There are papers that I know are old and can be thrown away and I want to organize and make the filing system more workable.

Not sure what it is about having an “office” in your home, but it is hard keeping the paperwork at bay. Between me using and cutting coupons, a son in college that always seems to have books that need sold and mailed, and the paperwork that needs taken care of when you pay bills, there is always something that needs filed. I am not going to let anything pile up again! I hate looking at it.


Miss Lilly was tired from watching me. She told me that she likes the room clean even though she isn’t up to running yet. She doesn’t have one speck of white on her so we call her our “Fifty Shades of Grey” kitty :).

I am starting early for de-cluttering and getting organized in the year 2014. I want to stay organized and have less clutter in my life next year. It helps with stress reduction and it also helps in saving money. If you don’t buy much stuff, you don’t have clutter right? That is my goal. If I don’t need it, I will not buy it. There are other areas in my life that need de-cluttered, but that is another story.

Here is hoping that I can remain clutter free, organized and save money in the year 2014!



4 thoughts on “Organizing The Clutter Part 2

  1. Good luck with the decluttering as it is always nice when things look tidier. Our whole house could be spin and span clean…until you look at the desk. It is always such a mess…I have a drawer that I can just toss everything in if someone stops by, goodness the stuff I have found buried in that drawer.

    Your sweet Miss Lilly looks just like my Twinkers. She has been gone nearly 30 years now, but what a cat she was….she KNEW she was the Queen of Sheba;-) Hope she is better soon.
    blessings, jill

    • We got Lilly this summer after our other cat passed away almost two years ago. Smokey died 1 week to the day before my heart attack and we had him for 16 years. We finally knew that it was time to get another cat. Lilley Bean has a thumb on each front paw and it is so cute to look at her when she sits. Have a nice day!

  2. Nice work! Thanks for sharing your beautiful kitty! Hope she is back to her old self soon. I have been doing some de cluttering too… I finally parted with some of my numerous vintage linens. I just have so many that never see the light of day so it’s time to bless someone else with them and I’ll continue to use the ones I absolutely love.

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