Turkey Time

This time of the year means sales on turkeys. Generally I have seen turkeys on sale for 29¢ lb. with a $25 purchase. To me buying a few things that I need for $25 isn’t that hard to do. This past week the only sale ad that I had that had turkeys on sale was Giant Eagle. I was a little surprised that the price was 69¢ lb. with a $25 order. It wasn’t what I was planning on, but I figured that it was still a good price so I got one. At first glance my list for Giant Eagle wasn’t that much. I didn’t think that I would make the $25 order. Then I noticed that they had a special going on for four days only. They had several meats on sale along with potatoes that were B1G1F, and some cheese that we didn’t need but I purchased and then put in the freezer when I got home. It will get used later on when I need it. I did purchase some pork and potatoes along with the few things that I needed from there anyway.


I cook Thanksgiving dinner so some of the potatoes will come in handy and the rest will get stored in the basement. They won’t go to waste.

After I came home from shopping, I was going through the mail and noticed that next weeks ads  for two other stores have 29¢ lb. turkeys with $25 order. Hmm… I did notice that the one store has quite a few things on sale that we use all of the time, so I will probably go to that store to get a turkey along with stock up items. The other store didn’t have much on sale that I needed, but I could get some of the basics like milk and bread there to get up to the $25 order. I might look to see what their prices are on sugar and some baking items for Christmas as that will bump up my bill and I will need the items anyway. That store doubles coupons as well so that will help on the savings. I do compare prices on those special items because if they are too much it will just cut into my savings on the turkey. The turkey that I purchased yesterday was almost 21 pounds and at 69¢ lb. that is $14. The turkeys that are 29¢ lb. will be approximately $6 each if I get the same size as the one I just purchased. That alone is an $8 savings per turkey.


The way I see it is that I am going to spend money on items for Christmas and the usual groceries anyways, so I might as well do it at the stores that will give me the best bang for my buck! I also have to say that each store limits one turkey per family that is why I would have to go to several stores to get several turkeys.

I am fortunate that I do have the freezer room to do this. I will stash the extra turkeys now and when Christmas rolls around I will purchase an extra ham to put in the freezer for future meals and lunch meat. I love cooking a whole turkey because I can make so many different meal out of it. The first meal is obvious, oven roasted turkey. Then there is soup, casseroles, pot pies, hot turkey sandwiches with gravy, bbq turkey sandwiches….. are you hungry yet? We do have a meat grinder so I could get out the butcher knife and cut up one of the turkeys to grind into burger. That is much cheaper than the ground turkey that you buy in the store.

Yesterday, my purchases came to $29 so I was able to get the turkey for around $14. If I spend close to $25 at each store this week that comes to $50. Add in the price of the turkeys at roughly $6 each, that will be an estimate of $62 total for things that we can stock up on and things that we need. They might not be organic, which is what I would prefer, but it is some cheap meat to stock up on and will fill the freezer for awhile.





6 thoughts on “Turkey Time

  1. I totally agree..my hubby and I just did the same thing yesterday..we always try to take advantage of the store sales this time of year and other holidays when turkeys and hams are on sale..makes better lunchmeats for the family than from the deli.
    Happy holidays!

  2. You did great! The stores in my town are not having great turkey deals but it is OK for me. We are hosting thanksgiving and one of my bachelor brothers is bringing a cooked turkey and ham with gravy from The Ranchers Club at the the big university in our town.
    I did stock up on 10 pound bags of white potatoes for $1.29 and 3 pound bags of sweet potatoes for $.99 at Aldi.

  3. No turkey sales around here in Redlands CA either and I have been looking. As we are not having a real Thanksgiving with family..helping at a soup kitchen, I thought I would buy a Jennie O turkey breast. OMgoodness it was $16.98. A clerk even checked on the price as I bought one in August for only $9.99 regular price. What a jump in price. If that keeps up we will not be getting turkey any time soon. Hope I can get a great deal like you did.
    blessings, jill
    hopped over from Rhonda’s

    • I think that it is great that you are helping at a soup kitchen. Your turkey breast was expensive to say the least and I think that all groceries are rising in price at a dramatic rate. Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope that you enjoyed it and will stop by again!

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