Organizing The Clutter Part 1

I have to start off by saying that I can’t believe that I am letting everyone see my “junk” room. This room is the room where I store all of my cross stitch supplies, books, and is used for an office. It is also the room that is the catch all for anything that I am not sure where to put it. I also HATE clutter so you can imagine my day today when I decided to venture in to organize everything. This is only one side of the room that I tackled today and yes it is that bad in there. Ok, here it goes…..


Here is the book that is supposed to help you keep organized. Well, I could have sat down and read it, but I figured that would just be procrastination right? Don’t look at the dust on the shelf please.


Can you tell that I like books? LOTS of books! It was so daunting to even think about cleaning this room. I started at 1o am and I thought that I would be finished by 12 noon. Wrong! I had only got through the books by noon.


This is the other side of the books that you just saw. I had started cleaning off the shelf about a month ago and never came back to it. There is a pile of clothes that need mending sitting on a chair in the middle of the room. Good place right?


This is one of the after pictures. No piles of books stacked on top of each other. And my cross stitch supplies are in pretty baskets on the floor and on a chair that is very uncomfortable but pretty.


I started running out of room for some of the books that I couldn’t part with so I did have to stack some on the book shelf that you don’t see when you first walk in the room. My son didn’t need his lamp this year at college so it will sit on the shelf for now. It is a little too big where it is, so I might have to move it. If you look into the hallway you can see books piled on the floor. Those will be going to either a consignment shop or the thrift shop. Also, if you look between the two cases there are some bags. I realized that there are some pictures and cards that were from grad parties that I need to go through sometime.

Do you ever get that feeling of relief when you have accomplished something? I felt so much better when I finished this half of the room. They say less is best and I totally agree. The stress of this room is half gone. I will start on the other half soon. When you live with clutter it is stressful and I hate it. It is funny because the rest of my house is clutter free. Yes I have a few knick knacks sitting around the living room, but I don’t have piles of stuff sitting everywhere.

It was a very productive day and I feel so much relief that half of the room is cleaned up. I will start on the next half of the room this weekend and yes I will take pictures :).



15 thoughts on “Organizing The Clutter Part 1

  1. Good for you! My area that is always a hot spot for clutter is the counter between the kitchen and sunroom. We don’t use it for cooking so it is easy to get school projects and things piling up there. Have you ever done Flylady ( I am back into Flylady again. It always really helps me and then I wonder why I strayed! I like her posts on Facebook.

    • I have never done Flylady. Years ago I knew someone that talked about her but never checked into it. Maybe I should check it out. I can’t wait until my whole house is totally organized. We have a bathroom on each floor of our house, 3 to be exact, and the one that is near the bedrooms is a mess of sheets that I can’t remember if they fit any of our beds or if they went to a bed that went with my son to college. That is on my list of to do things as well :).

      • Oh I know, things like the bedsheets you mention just are always there lurking the in the back of your mind!! I have a thing like that that needs doing… some misc painting supplies near the back door. It already snowed here so I think the odds of another coat of paint on our porch posts is pretty much out the window. I am going to challenge myself to do it tonight!!

        Flylady has some great clips on YouTube.

  2. Believe me, your junk room is nothing compared to mine! Affectionately know as THE Room but said with more than a little fear if one has to wade in there, I cringe every time I look in there with a view to sorting it. You did well and I expect you felt great for doing it. I wish that could inspire me …but it don’t lol

    • I know what you mean. I can’t stand it when the mail comes and if it isn’t for me I leave it there for the person intended. If they don’t want it, they just leave it there. I then have to go back and ask them to throw it away if they don’t want it, IF it is important then they need to put it where it belongs. I am a firm believer that everything has a place.

      • I’ve got the hubby pile on the corner of the counter. Then I move it to another counter when I get sick of looking at it. I try to toss the junk mail the min I get it. Have a good weekend!

  3. You really accomplished quite a bit! I have been in this process for a month or so, going slowly because I’m culling while re-organizing AND putting away. Oh, and it’s not just one room, it’s my entire sewing room and the computer room. Slow and steady, but getting somewhere. Congrats to you and thanks for visiting my blog.

    • It is a slow process isn’t it? I am also going to clean our upstairs bathroom. There are sheets stored in there that we haven’t used in years that I am sure I will donate. I want to start the new year clean!

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