Chocolate Clusters

I am all for eating healthy, but sometimes you just want a candy bar or something sweet. I can say that there are times when I want a candy bar, but I don’t cave in. When I make muffins I sometimes add a few dark chocolate chips to them to give them a little sweetness. Well my mom and I came up with an idea. We were talking about melting chocolate and then we both wondered if dark chocolate chips would melt like the melting chocolate that you buy. It does work!


My local Aldi has had baking chips on sale the last several weeks and I have been stocking up. I took a half of a bag of these and dumped them in my melting pot.


Then I started getting some healthy snacks out of the cupboard to dip in the chocolate.



Meaty walnuts. Don’t they look good?


Unsalted almonds.

Now comes the fun part, getting your fingers all chocolatey! Is that even a word? If not, I just made it up.


I did lay some waxed paper down so that when the chocolate dries it will peal right off without any mess.


I did make a cluster of raisins by squishing them together then drizzling chocolate over them. You can’t tell me that the gooey glob in the picture doesn’t look good?


Walnuts clumped together with chocolate over them is the best! Don’t forget the covered pretzels in the back of the picture.


When everything has hardened, keep stored in an airtight container if they last that long. When I was letting these set up I was going through my cupboards and I found some Christmas gift tags. Hmm, you could make these as a gift and put them in some pretty bags with gift tags attached that say “Homemade by___ ” . They could be cute little gifts in a gift basket along with other items. Just make sure that your recipient isn’t allergic to nuts.

Well I had fun with this experiment today. There is just one problem, I think that I taste tested too much :).





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