Snowy Day and Some Bargains

We woke up to snow on the ground again here in Northwest PA. Several weeks ago we had 3 inches in one night, and it happened again last night. Here are some pictures of what it looks like around our house.


Look at the branches hanging on the pine tree. They are drooping to the ground. And the clothes line isn’t much better.


There was approximately 3 inches on the railing again. It is a heavy wet snow that makes the rest of the leaves fall off of the trees. Hubby was happy that there is some snow so he can go turkey hunting.

Even with snow on the ground this morning, I still ventured out to the stores to get a few things.


I really didn’t need to get very much except some of the basics like milk and fresh veggies, but I did make a quick stop to get the free paper towels at CVS. I did go specifically to Giant Eagle to stock up on toilet paper. My stock-up price is $6.99 or less for Scott brand and it was on sale for $6.49 each when you buy 2. I had 4 75¢ coupons and 2 $1 coupons. My total was $30.94 plus tax. It is a lot to shell out at once, but this is the only brand that we use and it is cheaper to buy it this way than to wait until we run out and then have to pay full price for it. Aldi has their brand that is close to Scott brand and it is $2.50 for a four pack. That works out to $7.50 for a 12 pack. I would rather pay the prices that I paid. I will add this to the pile that I have in my store room in the basement.

Now that I am home from shopping and everything is put away, I am staying home where it is warm. We still have some snow here where we live but most of it has melted. I am feeling some soup for dinner tonight to warm up hubby from a cold and damp hunting day.




2 thoughts on “Snowy Day and Some Bargains

    • We live in the snow belt which means that we can get feet of snow sometimes throughout the winter. We also live on a hill and when it snows we will get a couple of inches but down in the valley they might only get a dusting.

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