Saving For The Holidays

It isn’t too late to start saving for Christmas. I know the real meaning of Christmas and that is the way we should celebrate it, but everyone seems drawn in to the commercial aspect of it. I am a saver by nature, so it isn’t hard for me to save some money towards Christmas.

My first thing that I do is I try to watch how much I spend at the grocery store. I use my paycheck for groceries. When I am under budget one week, I put that money in my “stash” envelope.  I start doing this in January, but there are times that an emergency may arise so I dip into it if I need to. Generally I only go to the envelope as a last resort for emergencies.

Second, I take things to a local consignment store. Anything that is in good shape that we don’t need I will take in and then get money back. I try to do this throughout the year. Some months I might not take anything in, but other months I might go through the house and realize that I need to de-clutter.


This is some stuff that I have to go through to clean up and iron before I take it in. Any money that I get from there will go into my envelope.

I used to have garage sales to make money for school clothes. Now if I have one, that money goes in my envelope. I haven’t had one in over a year due to my work schedule but I am hoping that I can have one next year.


Another way to add money to my envelope is saving change in a jar. We throw any loose change in a jar all year long then when it is close to Christmas I will wrap it up and take it to the bank to get the cash. I can bring it home and add it to my “stash”.

Generally by doing all of this I can easily get $500 stashed aside for Christmas. I also find little things throughout the year that I pick up and put in my “gift closet”. The money spent on those came from money that I would have spent on groceries but didn’t cost me too much out of pocket. Sometimes I might find the right thing for the right person so I just get it and put it in my closet. It is even better when that perfect thing is on sale!

Don’t forget that making gifts can be a gift from the heart and not break the bank. I have found some neat ideas on Pinterest. I am going to try some of the ones that I have seen and make up a nice basket for that hard to buy for person. I personally love little homemade things because it means that the person took time to think about me and I appreciate the effort that they put in it.

I am sure that there are other ways that you can save money, or ways to make gifts cheaply enough that I didn’t mention. Think outside of the box and be creative when it comes to saving money and making presents for the holidays. You might even find that you have a creative side. I am always up for some new ideas for saving money and also ideas for that cute homemade gift. Let the ideas pour in.




2 thoughts on “Saving For The Holidays

  1. I love those IDEAS! I use a ‘bonus’ jar that unspent funds go into… I use it for unexpected things … Vet bills, car damage… then I don’t have to get it from the savings and adjust my spread sheets… its like found money… But maybe using some of that left over could go to gifts/holidays… GREAT IDEA

    • Do you use It is a search engine like google but you earn points towards gift cards. I like it for Amazon gift cards that I use for birthday presents. If you have never used it click on the button I have on my site to check it out. I try to keep that “money separate from Christmas money that way I know how much I have spent.

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