Taco Burgers

This is a recipe that I found on Pinterest this week. It is one of those recipes that made me wonder why I didn’t think of this before? It is easy and everyone liked it, except my hubby who doesn’t care for tacos too well. He just had a regular burger.


I used turkey burger, enough for two good sized burgers.


I then mixed some homemade taco seasoning in with the burger. Mix them together real well and shape into patties. I cooked mine on my George Foreman grill because it was raining too hard to put on the gas grill outside.


This is a picture of my daughters burger. I didn’t have the texas toast as a bun because of the salt content. Taco burgers can be made with whatever you may put on your tacos. I used very little low fat cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, fat free sour cream, and a little taco sauce. I used a sandwich skinny as a bun. Not quite as gooey looking as what my daughter had. I toasted the  bread for her and then she had a slice of cheddar cheese, salsa, taco sauce, onion, tomato and sour cream. Hubby had the texas toast as his bun for his regular burger and he decided that it was a lot of bread as it filled him up. Would I make them again? Yes, but maybe with a regular bun for the others. I am still smacking myself on the forehead for not thinking of this myself.




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