Prepper Or Stockpiler?

On Sunday night I watched the movie called American Blackout. It was basically showing what could happen if our country was hit with a cyber attack. The eastern coast was hit first and was left in the dark. The blackout continued to spread across the country until everyone was left in the dark. The show depicted what several families would go through during the 2 week time period that the country was in the blackout. There was one family that lived in Texas that were preppers and when they found out that the east coast was left in the dark, they were “bugging out”. They went to another house that was filled with supplies that would sustain them during a catastrophe. They also had a bunker nearby that they could go to in the event that someone would come on their compound.

I did enjoy watching this show and wonder if  maybe there could be a cyber attack on our country. But it also made me wonder how many people really do have things “prepped” in the event that there will be a catastrophe? I know that there is the show called Doomsday Preppers, but I guess I can’t say that I could ever go as far as everything I would need for at least a year. For one, I could not afford to keep a years supply of medication. With all of the meds that I take, I can’t pay cash for a years worth. And another thing, the cost factor of any other incidentals is astronomical.

So what do you call a person that does stockpile food because they by it cheap enough, or they can their own food from their own gardens? I don’t think of myself as a prepper but I do stockpile.


It is not a huge stockpile, but it will last my family of four for awhile. I hate paying full price for anything and that is the main reason that I stockpile. I also stockpile items so that I won’t have to go out so much in the winter time. I guess in a way that is prepping right?


So is stockpiling home canned goods and bargain priced canned veggies that you eat considered prepping? Is a gardener that loves to produce their own food considered a prepper? Maybe. In a round about way, prepping has been going on for centuries. People have grown food, and did daily chores to get their “homestead” ready for winter. Little House On The Prairie books would talk about butchering season, and how they preserved their food for storing through the winter months. That is sort of like prepping, just not a doomsday prepper.



Even if you stockpile food that everyone wants or needs, you will be prepared for anything that may arise. Here where I live, that may mean a bad winter storm where the roads are not passable for a while, or maybe a bad summertime storm that may knock out the electric. Our house is all electric, but we do have a woodstove that we can heat the basement and part of the upstairs with. We can also cook on top of it if we have to. There is also the grill outside to cook on if the weather permits. If the electric goes off we can’t flush our toilets. Again we are fortunate that there is a spring on our property that we can get water from to flush with.

We do keep bottled water on hand all the time so if the power ever does go out we have drinking water.  We also have another room with freezers in  and store our potatoes in. We try to keep enough cat food and liter on hand for our cat. I prefer to go to the store once a week instead of running there 4 times in a week. So I guess I try to be prepared for anything that might come along.

I might not go to the extreme of prepping, but I will continue to stockpile anything that we may need. It makes “cents” to stock up on things when they are at their cheapest. At least I have the satisfaction of having things on hand should I need them.







7 thoughts on “Prepper Or Stockpiler?

  1. I’m like you….that’s just what “we” do and have always done. Have a few things back on the shelf because its handy. A few months back, Granny Miller talked about this on her blog. I think she summed it up well when she called it….. a traditional housewife. It just doesn’t ring quite as well in the media or modern audience like prepper or survivalist would.

  2. Your ‘stockpile’ looks a lot like mine! Only I don’t have home canned goods I buy canned goods. But hopefully in the next couple years I will be canning my own stuff!!! Also, My TP stock is about double what I see your photo!! I consider my a well stocked pantry not a stock pile. When someone says stock pile I think of freeze dried foods that have shelf lives that will out last me. A supply for a year or more… A well stocked pantry is more of a few weeks or months supply of items you use every day or nearly every day… I’d says less than 6 months but at least 3 weeks… that’s just my opinion… I try to keep things so if I could not go to the store for 4 or 5 days (like this time last year) I would have what I needed. Well stocked pantry is my preferred term…

    • I do agree with you in calling it a well stocked pantry. I think the stockpile term comes from using coupons for so long. That is what it has been called in coupon land 🙂 I didn’t even show my detergent stash, and a pantry in my kitchen. I couldn’t imagine life if I didn’t shop and can like this.

  3. Traditional housewife, stockpiling, well stocked pantry, prepping, doomsday prepping.. Yup thats me ALLL rolled in to one person 🙂 My dh was kind enough to build me a 6 x 6 walk in pantry. I too like to be ready for extra company, illnesses, people in need, bad weather and of course their is the long term “doomsday”. Yes I have the freeze dried food stored up high. But I think there are other doomsday dilemmas, not just the end of the world stuff. Example, it wasn’t a doomsday for us personally but an adult child of ours had some major financial hiccups. They would not have any extra $$ to purchase groceries. I was able to let her “grocery shop” thru my pantry. Job loss would be a huge one don’t you think?

    • Job loss is a biggie. Whenever I can get a great deal at the store, or if someone gives me something, I am always thankful for it. You never know what is around the corner. Thanks for stopping by.

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