Winter Already?

This was a scene yesterday from the front yard yesterday morning.

We went to bed last night thinking that we were going to get another 5 inches by morning. Guess what? We didn’t get any! I hope that this isn’t going to be a long winter.


This was a picture that I took last winter. We didn’t get as much snow last year as they were predicting, but you can see in the background that we had some piles of snow from where we had plowed. Three years ago was a really bad winter. If I remember correctly we started getting snow in early  November and it stayed with us through March and we didn’t just get a little here and a little there. We got dumped on! I can remember driving to work one morning and the snow was coming over the hood of the van and made all of the lights dim inside.

Well, I am hoping that this winter is not going to be real snowy, but so far it doesn’t look too promising. As much as it looks pretty, I hate driving in it. I would rather be snuggled under a blanket and reading a good book when it is miserable outside.





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