Frugal Finds

This last week had some good deals and some not so good sales in my area. My normal store that I always go to for double coupons and great sales is Giant Eagle, and last week I actually didn’t even go there. I looked through their ad and couldn’t find anything that I needed or was a “great deal”. I was a little disappointed. I did venture to Tops for a good sale on my favorite hairspray. There is a coupon out for Herbal Essence $3/2. Tops had the Herbal Essence on sale 2 for $5, well my math calculates $1 hairspray! I got 10 bottles over a period of a few days that way the shelves weren’t cleared. I work a block away from a Tops so I could just pop in after work.

I also took advantage of CVS and the Ajax coupon that was printing at the machine. I bought three. I used three manufacturers coupons and the coupon from the machine. I paid a whopping $1.48 for all three bottles!

Then I found out that a locally owned store here in my small town has 5 pound bags of carrots on sale for $2.79. I bought a bag yesterday and I will be freezing them to use in soups and stews this winter.


In this picture is also a set of queen size sheets that my mother found at a rummage sale for me. The tag is still crispy so I know that were hardly used. They washed up great and I am happy with the price, $2!!! I paid around $17 for everything in the picture. The price for one set of queen size sheets is way more than that. I can live with the amount spent.

Did anyone else find any good bargains recently?





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