Halloween Costumes On The Cheap

Over the years I have had to be creative with costumes for our children for Halloween. Living on one income means that you don’t have a lot of money for extravagant costumes. I remember one time that my daughter had a sweatshirt and pants that were white. I still had a part of a costume from when I was a teenager that had a headband with rabbit ears on it. I made the head band fit my daughter and I made a fluffy tail to sew on the butt part of the pants and she went as a rabbit. That same year my son was Mr. Money Bags. We took a big shirt and I hot glued Monopoly money all over it. I ended up finding a cheap top hat at a thrift shop that he wore with it. Pretty inventive if I must say! Then there was the year that I made my son into a munch box. No that was not a misprint. For about a month before Halloween I had saved any candy or cookie wrapper that I could find. Then I got a cardboard box and painted it white and then glued all of the wrappers all over the box. I made them have that look like they were just thrown in the box. Since my son’s name is Matt, I put at the top of the box “Matt’s Munch Box”. I had cut out head and arm holes so that he could slip it right on. He actually won an award for it at a local parade. That same year I had found a bunch of orange fabric on discount at a local store that was going out of business. I turned my daughter into a huge pumpkin that year. I got some black felt to make the eyes, nose and mouth to sew to the fabric. By the time I gathered the bottom and top of the fabric and she put it on over a winter coat, I didn’t need any stuffing. She wore a brown winter hat for the stem and black pants. Cheap costumes that really didn’t cost that much at all. They just took a little ingenuity.

My daughter has a friend that has a Halloween party every year and this year was no exception. She didn’t know what to be and with both of us working, we really didn’t have a lot of time to think of what to be or to make anything. I had to work Saturday and that is when our favorite thrift shop is open so I told her to go and check it out.

KT halloween devil

This dress was only $5!!! She told me that the ladies at the thrift shop were very helpful and were giving her ideas. I was impressed that the dress fit her exactly. When she left the shop she went to Wal Mart to see if there was anything that might go with it. Devil horn headband, a tiny little pitchfork and a red bow were in a package for $5. Well if it isn’t my little devil that did pretty well putting this costume together. $10 isn’t too bad for a costume that she could actually resell if she wanted to.

It really only takes a little thought and elbow grease if you want to have a cheap costume for Halloween. What ideas do any of you have?




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