Is Unprocessed Healthy?

For over two years now I have been eating healthy. First by trying to lose weight, then out of necessity because of heart disease, I have been eating what I thought of as “healthy”. Yes, I have had store bought crackers, but my meals have ALWAYS been unprocessed. When you eat a healthy well balanced diet full of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains and some dairy and meat, generally your food in unprocessed. I can say that I have to have fat free milk due to my heart disease but on a whole, out meals are unprocessed.

I am not a coffee drinker and in the mornings I am always hungry when I get out of bed. I have to have my breakfast and a glass of milk. That is how I wake up. Most mornings I have oatmeal. I used to just make it plain and I was happy with it if I was staying at home. But when I go to work it wouldn’t satisfy me until lunch time. Then I realized that if I put some “add ins” in it my belly would be happy.


Now I love oatmeal with a few chopped walnuts, blueberries and a few slices of a banana. The rest of the banana I will eat on the side. Add a glass of milk to this and I am one happy girl all morning long. The blueberries were fresh this summer and I froze them to be used this winter in my oatmeal and anything else that I might make. I have 12 quarts in my freezer right now.

Aside from the fat free milk that really isn’t on the “unprocessed” list, this is unprocessed and a healthy start to my day. Eating healthy and unprocessed go hand in hand, in my opinion. Yes, if you have dietary restrictions like I do, then don’t worry too much about everything being unprocessed. Everything will fall into place if you want to change your eating habits and live a healthy life.

I have been lax on putting up some of our meals during this unprocessed month. It has been rather crazy around here. I will put some ideas and pictures up this week. I hope that everyone has a nice day today!



2 thoughts on “Is Unprocessed Healthy?

  1. I ate a lot of oatmeal on my SNAP challenge. Its very filling and inexpensive. I add fruit a few times, and some honey to sweeten it a bit. I had not had oatmeal in years and forgotten how yummy it is! I have even add some peanut butter … I will try walnuts or almonds next time I go shopping to add to my oatmeal.

    • I have tried peanut butter in it once and I decided that I would rather have it on my toast :). Honey and cinnamon is also good in oatmeal. Together is great and I do like cinnamon with the walnuts as well. Walnuts seem easier to eat in oatmeal versus almonds.

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