New Roof

It has taken all summer, but we finally have our new roof almost done. The guys started this past Tuesday and will hopefully finish up tomorrow or Monday. Yeah!!!!


I didn’t make it out in time to get a picture of what our roof looked like before they started, but this is close enough. We got a steel roof put on. See the “chimney shaped’ insulation to the right of the picture? That is where there was supposed to be a chimney and we never put one in. We decided that it would just be a heat loss if we don’t use the fireplace so we will just put up some fake stone. Inside we have beams that would have been on the outer part of the fireplace and a shelf that sits in the middle.


In this picture you can see the steel roof. It is hunter green and looks really good. The guys framed in where the chimney would have been and in the spring we will put up the fake stone by ourselves. Hubby used to do that kind of work so he knows what he is doing :). The reason why we have to wait until spring is because the weather is getting cooler and the mortar won’t set up. So we will have to cover this with a weatherproof stain until then. This was my hands on job that I couldn’t wait to talk and show everyone. I guess that you will have to wait until spring to see it just like I do. They say that patience is a virtue, I have waited 25 years so I guess that 8 more months isn’t that much right?


The pitch of our roof is steep. When the guy came to give us an estimate months ago, he walked the peak of the house just like it was nothing. When he came back a second time to make sure that his measurements were right, he was a little more careful in his walking. I mentioned to him that the first time he didn’t have a problem, he said that he must have been having a good day that day. I thought that was funny. 004


This is the other side of the house that we do have a chimney on. We have a woodstove in our basement so that is why this chimney is there. At least we will have one on each side of the house now.

We have waited so long to finish up the outside of our house that this is like a gigantic Christmas present. Why does it seem that when you build your own home, everything is always done in stages?  We started out living in our basement. My hubby, father and father in law would work on the upstairs of the house in their spare time. When the first floor was able to be lived in, we moved upstairs. We then finally finished the second floor and then our house was finished. NOT! We made it livable but we still don’t have baseboard in every room yet :). Nor does every room have a complete floor cover. We just threw down carpet without padding. The carpet was given to us and we thought that it was temporary until we could decide what we wanted. Well, I guess that we still haven’t decided yet.

I am just happy that in the near future our home will look complete outside. Finally!!!!





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