Around The Homestead

Today was a day of getting things done. I wanted to make some muffins and I wanted to try making my own hamburger buns. I found a recipe over at Hickery Holler Farm and I fell in love with it! There is nothing in it except honest ingredients. I made mine bigger because I wanted to make chicken salad to put in it for lunches.


They didn’t turn out too bad, but I have to say that the recipe and pictures over at Hickery Holler look amazing!

Needless to say that I also made my muffins. They are great for snacking and breakfasts.

Hubby is getting the deer stand ready for this years hunting season. Apparently the roof caved in and he has been busy fixing the whole thing. We see deer daily in our yard, mostly doe. We haven’t seen any buck yet, but we have heard that there is a nice one in the area. We have had a bear roaming the area as well and I would love to see it! My daughter and I saw one 2 years ago on the next road over from us and it was beautiful.


When I went shopping the other day, I bought a 50 pound bad of flour so I will be separating it into containers to put into the freezer. Hubby was a little confused as to why I was buying so much. I told him that with me baking a little more we will go through it in no time. Plus the holidays are coming up and I am always baking something that time of year. I also purchased apples. I wish that I knew someone that had apples that they were not going to use. I want to can some applesauce. I bought them at 34¢ a pound so I thought that wasn’t too bad. So this week I will be making applesauce. It will be another item to store in my stockpile. I didn’t get much canning done this year due to the garden not doing well, so I have to resort to buying items to can or freeze :(. I am still adding to our stash on a daily basis though. I have managed to get chicken breasts for $1.88 a pound and I have frozen 25 pounds of it along with 15 pounds of lean hamburger. I also found pork chops for $1.69 a pound. I picked the few peppers that remained in the garden and bought some carrots that were on sale. I will now be freezing them both. I am feeling like a squirrel stashing all of our food away. Sounds crazy, but for some reason this year I feel a need to do this. Kind of like Pa Ingalls in The Long Winter. He felt a need to rush to get the beans threshed and winnowed, the corn cut and husked and the potatoes dug up. It wasn’t long after he had done all of that when a blizzard came up, and it was only October! Well I am hoping that our winter is mild and that we don’t get any blizzards in October.

It will be a busy week this week. Work, canning, and storing all of that flour! In the middle of all of that we will also have the guy come to do our roof. Yeah!!! I will post pictures of that as it happens.



3 thoughts on “Around The Homestead

  1. Hi, I read your blog everytime you post as I get it by email. I don’t comment often because WordPress doesn’t like me.
    This is Rhonda from if you do stuff-

    we like burgers on homemade buns so much. Yours look delicious.

  2. Hello again, I just tried to update my WordPress info, hopefully it will show me like i want it too. If not – blogging is great but also frustrating at times 🙂

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