Unprocessed Challenge

Ok, I have taken steps to make sure that I am going to do my best at eating unprocessed in the month of October. Now I am saying upfront that I do eat, for the most part, unprocessed most of the time. There are days that I eat graham crackers, store bought bread and the very rare hot dog, but for the most part I eat healthy and unprocessed. Being a heart attack survivor makes me be more conscious of what does go into my mouth.

Back when I was trying to lose weight, 2 1/2 years ago, I did give up sugar and cut fat out of my diet. I ate good fats, but nothing from fast food, or chips, etc. I ended up losing 40 pounds by doing that. I ate lots of fresh fruits and veggies, whole grains, and drank water and the occasional diet pop. I haven’t touched white pasta since February 14, 2011.  That was the day that I turned my eating habits around.  I worked with a co worker that night and he told me how he had lost weight.Fast forward to December 20, 2011, the day of my heart attack. I had to thank the person that I worked with on the night of February 14 for making me change my mind to lose weight, because if I hadn’t I would have died. Since then I have lost an additional 15 pounds just by eating no junk.

With all of that said, I am doing this challenge my way. I do have a dietary restriction to salt. I also drink fat free milk. If you follow the challenge accordingly you are not supposed to eat anything fat free or low fat. It is supposed to be natural. I cannot eat real butter, it is out of the question. So if I want to make something that calls for butter, I will be using very little margarine that I am able to eat. If I post a recipe, you can follow it and adjust it to the unprocessed recipe. Eating unprocessed means that you can eat anything fresh, without a label. If you have something with a label, you have to break down the ingredients. If an ingredient is something that could have been made in your kitchen, then it is considered ok. There are something’s that you cant make in your kitchen, like baking powder. It is aloud in the challenge.

I just wanted to update everyone on the challenge and how I will be participating. I won’t be eating cheerios because they are processed, but I will be eating oatmeal. I do enjoy peanut butter on toast sometimes, so I will be making my own bread and will use peanut butter that only has peanuts in it. One of out locally owned stores had an anniversary sale this week and had apples on sale. I bought a bunch of them and I will dry some for snacking. Instead of eating graham crackers, I will make some homemade granola bars that are also heart healthy. I can go on about what I will be making, but I will just post updates and pictures of what I make. It will sometimes be interesting to see what I come up with :).

I hope that everyone will at least try this challenge, even if it is only for a week. It really makes you think about what is put into our food and how it is packaged. That locally owned store also has 50 pound bags of unbleached flour on sale for $23. I told my hubby that I am getting low on flour so he can help me get the big bag home. I only buy unbleached or whole wheat flour anyway, so this is a good deal. It is good flour and its package will have less paper than if I bought it in smaller bags.

I hope that you will follow me in my venture and be sure to follow my recipes. 004








One thought on “Unprocessed Challenge

  1. I am looking forward to seeing what you create for meals with your challenge. I have decided to pass on the challenge myself at this time. I have decided that I can not do back to back food challenges at this time. So, I will be watching from the side lines for this challenge.

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