Fall Is Here

I love this time of the year. The days are warm, sometimes crisp, but not too hot and the nights are cool. The garden is winding down and the only thing that is left are the peppers to be picked. I will pick, chop, and store them in quart size bags in the freezer for use in spaghetti, omelets, etc.


I love decorating in the fall. I love to put cornstalks, pumpkins, and mums on the porch and the occasional scarecrow. If I didn’t have to pay for a bale of straw, I would put that on the porch as well. To me there is something cozy about fall colors. They give off the spice of the season that leads us to winter.


With the days a little cooler, I am enjoying the warmer dishes to make in the kitchen. Right now I have chicken boiling on the stove. With some onions, carrots and celery it will make a great stock for tonight’s chicken and biscuit dinner. Any left over stock I plan on putting into ice cube trays for later use. When the stock is frozen, I will empty the cubes into a container and keep in the freezer for when I need some stock for a recipe. Healthier and cheaper than store bought.

I can look out the door and see the mums and smell dinner cooking. Now that is a cozy feeling on a crisp fall day.



6 thoughts on “Fall Is Here

  1. freezing stock as cubes what a fantastic idea!!! I too am happy to be able to make soups again! I love them for my lunches… the office is so cold and soup really warms me up…

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