Potato Time

This years garden was not the best for us and many others. Ours started off just fine, then all of a sudden everything just stopped. Quite depressing for anyone who likes to grow their own food. We still have some peppers left that are doing ok, but everything else is done. We dug up our potatoes today and while there were some good size ones, there weren’t many.



It is funny how we look forward to digging them up.


All of the big ones I save for later. Little ones and any that might have nicks on them from digging will get used right away. I love frying the little ones with some garlic and butter. I don’t eat butter anymore, so I use a little oil and garlic Not the same flavor but good just the same.  I will put these in the basement with the 10 pounds of potatoes that someone gave us.

We didn’t weigh the spuds to see how many we have but I am guessing maybe 13 pounds. Not many, but better than nothing. I am hoping for a better garden next year.



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