Around The House

I hope that everyone had a nice Labor Day weekend. It rained part of the day here so thank goodness we didn’t have any major plans.

Last week when I had made the zucchini bread that I had posted about, we were given some tomatoes from a neighbor. My hubby had helped him out with something so he brought us some tomatoes. It is nice to have neighbors that help us when we need something and we help them when they need something.


The peppers came from our garden and the white bread was actually frozen bread dough that I wanted to use up. Everything looked nice sitting on the counter together even though it didn’t last long :).

Kitty news. Lilly is getting so big. She is definitely a feisty little thing that doesn’t sit still unless she is sleeping. She loves to climb onto the railing of our loft.

Photo: My daredevil. To the right of her is the living room. The first step is a doozy.

To the left of her is a quilt rack that she will climb up to get to the railing. To the right of her is the living room. She makes me so nervous because there is a dresser on the other side of the quilt rack and she will get on top of it. Above the dresser is a ceiling fan that has extended pulls so that I can reach them. She can reach them too when she gets on her hind legs. She is always so busy and I can’t keep up with her.


She loves the outdoors. Whenever she can get out, we have a hard time bringing her back in. This is where the pool sat and she loved playing in the sand. No, she didn’t use it as a litter box :).


You can’t tell in the pictures, but both of her front paws have an extra thumb. It doesn’t seem to slow her down any. She is my sweet little Lilly Bean.

It has been quiet around here for now, but in the next few weeks we will be finally getting some work done. We will finally be getting our roof done and our other project which I can’t wait to do! I will be posting about all of it from start to finish. I really can’t wait to get my hands into this project.

I hope that everyone has a nice day!


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