Relaxing Weekend

With one child away at college and the other gone for the weekend, hubby and I were wondering what to do. I had to work yesterday so when I got out, we went to dinner and then to Wal Mart . Anyone that knows me knows that I hate Wal Mart. I do have to bite the bullet and go there once in a while to get some things that are cheaper there or I can’t find  anywhere else. While at dinner we decided to get up early this morning to go to a flea market. I love poking around flea markets! I am not sure if it is the thrill of the hunt or the sunshine, but it is enjoyable. Now I know I just posted about wants and needs, but I have to say that the one thing that I did buy has been a want for a very long time. With that said, I can justify the purchase.


I have always wanted a big enamel pot with a lid. I was a happy camper when the guy said $5 for it. The cloth napkin I found at a Goodwill store that we stopped at as well. It was 50¢ but I bought it anyway.

While at Goodwill I also found a cute basket and a doily.


I paid $2 for everything at Goodwill. I don’t know how much the basket and doily were as they weren’t marked.  I am always using baskets for storing things in as they are decorative.

We had lunch at a small restaurant that I had never been to before but hubby had. It was a quaint little place with awesome food and It was decorated in a country atmosphere, very cozy and the people there were so nice.


When we were at Wal Mart I had to get some things that I cant find anywhere else and I used coupons on those items. I also did some bargain shopping and found some things that we needed. The pens and dental floss were free and the Edge shave gel was a bogo with a coupon. It also has a bonus pack attached that includes razors. So for $2.44 I got 2 cans of shave gel, razors, pens and floss. Not too bad in my book.

It has been a fun weekend, didn’t cost us too much except for gas and the little bit of food, but it was nice spending time together.

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