Burgers With A Kick

I was grocery shopping at Aldi yesterday and came across a box of burgers that said they were jalapeno burgers. I looked at the fat grams and about choked! Thirty three grams of fat. Then there was the sodium. Well, let’s just say that the salt content that was in one burger was what I am supposed to consume in one meal. I stood there thinking that they sure sounded good but I knew that I good make them healthier at home. I knew that I had turkey burger at home, but I would need some jalapenos and buns. I purchased the jalapenos at Aldi and purchased some whole wheat buns at another store. When I got home I told hubby what I wanted to do and sounded a little skeptical. He doesn’t like things too spicy but I say the spicier the better :).

I pounded out half of the meat for a burger and then layered some jalapenos on that half. If I used four for my burger, I cut down on the salt content. Then I put the other half of the burger on top to form a patty. I made four burgers and then hubby grilled them. In the meantime I caramelized an onion and put together a fruit salad.



You can see the jalapenos in the burger and the onions too. I sliced some heirloom tomatoes up and also had some low fat hot pepper cheese on there. Hubby also had pepperoni on his and he said that it was a really good combination, even though he had provolone cheese.

The salt content in this whole burger, including cheese, bun, and the very little fat free mayo that I used was still less than the meat patty itself in the box at the store. The fat content was WAY less than the store bought patty. If you add  a healthy side to the burger, it was a fairly healthy and tasty meal.


I love fresh fruit so I thought that it was a refreshing side to go with such a spicy burger.

It goes without saying that if you spend a little time in the kitchen, you can save on your health, and save money and still satisfy your taste buds.



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