Country Style Ribs

Today was the first day all week  that we actually stayed home and did things around the house. It has been a very busy week and then yesterday we moved our son back to college for his senior year. I think that everything has caught up with me because I was getting a few groceries this morning and I think that I yawned the whole way through the store.

This morning I was trying to think of what to make for dinner tonight and my hubby suggested some ribs on the grill. I thought that was a good idea. I wouldn’t have to fuss too much with dinner if we did that. Something simple.


I put some country style ribs in the crock pot with some onion and my daughter said to put some cola in with them so I did. I turned the crockpot on and left to get groceries. When I came home the smell greeted me at the door and it was heavenly! When it was closer to dinner time I shut the crock pot off and hubby finished them on the grill with some bbq sauce. While he was doing that, my daughter and I made up some fried zucchini  and boiled some corn.


We dined on the front porch and enjoyed a nice evening. Do you like my snowman cup? It might have a snowman on it, but it is my favorite cup and I use it all year round. At least the colors blend with the tablecloth :).

For dessert we had redneck cheesecake. My daughter told me about them so we tried them tonight.


Graham crackers with whipped cream cheese and homemade strawberry jam on top. It tastes really good. It made for a fast and tasty treat after dinner.

It was a nice relaxing day and I enjoyed a treat for dinner. It isn’t something that I would eat all of the time, but it is good. I think that I am still licking bbq sauce from the corners of my mouth….



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