Marathon Cooking

Today is a day of marathon cooking so that my son will have some home meals to take back to college. I usually make extras of meals throughout the summer, but for some reason this summer I didn’t. Heck I don’t even know where the summer went let alone remember to make extra food. Anyway, I am going to leave you with some pictures of what I am making for him.


A pork loin is now in the oven. I will slice it up and put meal portions in freezer bags for him. He can add bbq sauce and make a sandwich or leave plain and heat a potato in the microwave.


More Hunter Style Chicken. This freezes well and he can just heat it up and eat it.


Meatloaf can be frozen in meal size portions and be eaten in a sandwich or on a plate with a potato. Sorry I forgot to turn the picture. Little busy in the kitchen lol.


Sloppy joes are always a hit.


Browning up some meatballs then will add some homemade sauce. He will make up some pasta to go with some meatballs or make a meatball sub.

Between some food sent from home and money on a food card I don’t think that he will go hungry for a while.



2 thoughts on “Marathon Cooking

  1. Hi Beth, I cooked my son through his 3 years of law school, He liked spaghetti sauce, chili and taco meat from me and grilled chicken from his dad’s cooking. Hope your son has a great year at college

    • Thanks Rhonda Sue, it is his senior year so I hope that he has a good one. I have cooked for him throughout college because it is so expensive to buy from the dining hall and because he prefers home cooking ;). This food will help stretch the food card budget.

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