Road Trip to Freedom Farms

This was the last day that all four of us would be together before my son goes back to college for his senior year. This week is also our county fair and we like to go there and then there is that pesky thing called work that we all have to go to so this week will be busy. We decided to take a day trip to say today and spend some time together. I am not sure if any of you are familiar with the tv show called Farm Kings, it is on GAC, but I really enjoy it. They are a family that consists of one mom and ten children that have a farm and grow their own produce, chickens and other items.

Photo: Fun road trip today to Farm Kings. They have a neat little place and we got to meet some of them too!

I love the fact that they are farmers and want to sell their produce locally. For us it was a little over an hour drive but it was worth it to see the place that we see on tv. We did buy some heirloom tomatoes, sugar free blueberry jelly, and some of their beef sticks. I am all for supporting the local farmers and buying local as much as possible. If we wouldn’t have been so busy this week, I would have purchased more veggies to bring home.

I do have to admit that I was a little “star struck” when I first saw them, but then I realized that they are just like me and you and seemed really nice. We did get to meet one of them and another bumped into my daughter and me. It was a fun time there and I told my hubby that maybe sometime we could go back again sometime.

We had planned this trip a few days ago, before we found out that a new Field and Stream had come in not far from Freedom Farms. So we decided to go there too. It is definitely an outdoors store and is just like any other store that caters to anyone that is into hunting and fishing. I think that those places are a little over priced but if you are in the market for some ammo that is the place to go. I have to say that my hubby has mentioned on more than one occasion that whenever he has gone to stores to just look around, the ammo is always out of stock.

All in all it was a good day spent together. It will be a busy week and another emotional one for me. I have always hated when college starts back up and we lose a plate at the dinner table.

I might not post much this week because of being to busy, but I will try my best.



We had planned to


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