Sprucing Up The Joint

It has been a crazy week here. We are finally getting back to taking care of things around the house. We had been meaning to stain the porches and parts of the house. We will also be doing some finishing touches to the house that quite honestly have been put off for a LONG time. I am talking years. What is it when you build your house you always say that “oh we will do that later” and later is really LATER! One of those later things is a new roof. I will post about these things when we do them. I am excited about the one thing as it is really hands on and will look nice when it is complete.


Hubby started staining part of the house this morning. There is absolutely no way that I will get on a ladder, that is his department.


I have helped with the staining of the porch before, but my daughter started before I got home from getting groceries. I think that she did a good job.

Why does it seem that the summer means work when you own your own home? There is always something that needs done. From working in the garden to mowing grass. From staining the porches to fixing a loose step, there is always something to keep us busy. I won’t even get into the day to day cleaning that should be done to keep up the inside of the home :).



2 thoughts on “Sprucing Up The Joint

  1. Happy Saturday Beth! I hear you on the work around the home. Sometimes I dream of being retired and having a small apartment or condo, maybe with a coffee shop nearby. Then again, I do think that having chores and maintenance to do, even gardening, could give a sense of purpose and structure to the day if one isn’t working. Lots to consider.

    • I agree with the sense of purpose in ones life. I have thought about this myself. I have often said to my hubby that one of these days we will have to give up living here, and that is when I get the look. I always thought that I could volunteer somewhere if I didn’t have such a big house to take care of.

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