Canning Blueberries

I love blueberries in my oatmeal and just to eat fresh as a snack. But what is really good is a blueberry syrup over pancakes on a cold winters morning. I had been wanting to can some for the winter but I hadn’t had the time to go pick some. I have always wanted my own bushes but my hubby said that the birds would probably get them before we would lol. When I had seen that Aldi had some on sale for 99¢ for a dry pint I thought that I would just buy some there and can those.

I made a light syrup and poured that over the berries before I canned them. It turned out great! When I open a jar this winter I will just put the contents in a pan with a little cornstarch for a thickener and heat it through. It will taste good over pancakes or even some biscuits.


I froze some that I had got from Aldi last month and those will be eaten in oatmeal or baked into muffins.


I love the rewarding feeling of having food put up for later use. I have thought about buying more to make  blueberry freezer jam. Mmm that could be tasty on some toast!

Does anyone have any recipes that they would like to share with me? I am always interested.


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