Do Coupons Really Save You Money?

There recently was a coupon in the Sunday inserts that stated $5 off any Clairol product but the picture showed hair color. Now I am a seasoned couponer and over the years I have learned that you can’t always go by the pictures. I always go by the wording on the coupon. I also have to say that I have NEVER cleared a shelf of any product because I know that it is rude and I have also been on the other end of the spectrum. I have gone to the shelf to get a good deal only to find the shelves are bare. With that said, I had 3 of the Clairol coupons in my little binder and this past week my local Giant Eagle had Clairol Herbal Essence products on sale 2 for $5. The coupon was $5 off when you buy two. When I got my groceries I picked up the last two bottles of the hairspray and proceeded to the checkout. The coupon was deducted without a problem. Yesterday I was in another town that had a Giant Eagle and I thought that I would try another coupon there. I also purchased one of the Welch’s fruit snacks in the picture for $1, that way if it did work I would still have to pay something. It worked! Four bottles of hairspray that I normally use for FREE!

In our local Dollar General there has been a display of Herbal Essence shampoos and conditioners with free body washes attached. I have passed that display for weeks now and no one has purchased any of it. Yesterday I had some coupons given to me from a friend and my mom. There were 5 Clairol coupons in the stack given to me. Off I went to Dollar General today to see if the coupon would work. I have to say that if a coupon of this nature doesn’t scan, I don’t fight it. I just politely decline the purchase of those items and still purchase the one thing that I was going to pay full price for. I had coupons for the Bounty, Reach dental floss, and the Clairol items. I still picked up another box of the Welch’s (just because I like them as something sweet in my lunch at work). They were deducted without any problems.


The coupon for the paper towels was $1 off that I got from Vocal Point and the dental floss was a printed coupon from  In all I only spent $3.06 for everything shown. Regular retail would have cost me $42.28. I didn’t clear the shelf when I was shopping, I did leave plenty for others.

I am not one of those couponers that will buy something just because it is free. Either I will use it or someone in my family will use it. In this case, we will use everything here eventually. My daughter uses body wash and both of us will use the hairspray. The shampoos and conditioners the whole family will use and who can’t use paper towels? And you know the dental floss will come in handy after eating the fruit snacks lol.

I hope that people don’t get discouraged using coupons because they really can help you save money on your grocery budget.



2 thoughts on “Do Coupons Really Save You Money?

  1. Brilliant! I had to go look through the P&G insert again, and in our paper it was 3.00 off two Clairol. I skipped right over it, never thinking about Clairol shampoo. Thanks so much! I know I can use this coupon. PS The little body wash samples are great- stocking stuffer in the making!

    • The coupons that I had were from the previous P&G inserts that expired yesterday. I don’t think that the little washes will make it into any stockings, my daughter will use them up I am sure!

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