Summer Salads

Last week my daughter had her birthday and when I asked her where she wanted to eat at for her special dinner, she replied “Applebee’s”. When the family wants to eat out I always wonder if there will be something that I will be able to eat. I eat heart healthy all of the time and when I don’t I feel like crud. Some of the things that I have posted on here that aren’t healthy my family has requested me to make so on those nights I make salmon for myself. Getting back to Applebee’s, I had checked the menu and found a seasonal salad that had a bed of spinach, strawberries, blueberries, grilled chicken, crumbled blue cheese and I can’t remember if it was coated pecans or walnuts. The dressing was a strawberry vinaigrette and was so delicious. Now I can live without the blue cheese, but the salad as a whole was a perfect combination.

I had been thinking about that salad all week so when I went grocery shopping I bought some ingredients to make a similar salad here at home.


My favorite store is Aldi so that is where I got most of the ingredients from. I always have strawberries and walnuts on hand so all that I had to buy was the spinach and dressing. I do have blueberries that are frozen but I didn’t think that frozen ones would be good on the salad. I didn’t want to put any cheese on it but you could use some goat cheese or blue cheese if you wanted to. I couldn’t find strawberry vinaigrette in the other store that I shop at so when I saw the raspberry kind at Aldi I thought that I would try it.


We had some grilled chicken the other night and there were some leftovers so I put that in the salad. I made a bed of spinach and put some sliced strawberries, walnuts, and chicken in it. I only used 1 tablespoon of the dressing in it and I thought that it tasted perfect. It was a nice, refreshing salad that hit the spot for a light meal. I might try roasting the nuts next time to see if the flavor is different.

I have made salads before with a mix of greens, grilled chicken, cranberries and sunflower seeds. I make my own Italian dressing and I will drizzle that over the salad. Delicious!!

As a side note, I bought the spinach specifically for making this salad but I will use some of it for on top of a healthy pizza for myself. It will not go to waste.

I will have to experiment on making different varieties of salads. Does anyone have a recipe that they would like to share?



2 thoughts on “Summer Salads

    • Some people think that you can’t get affordable healthy food, but by shopping at Aldi you can get fresh fruits and veggies for a fraction of what you would pay anywhere else. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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