Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

My baby girl turned 19 yesterday and she wanted cupcakes for her birthday. I have never made them before so I came up with a simple but tasty way to make them.


I made up some cake batter and picked out some pretty cupcake liners.


After I baked the cupcakes, I got out my frosting decorator and filled it with raspberry jam. Then I started to fill the cupcakes with the jam.


I purposely filled the cupcake with more jam than I should so that you can see it coming out of the middle. I went through the top instead of the bottom so we could leave the liners on the cakes.


Then I made up some raspberry frosting. I used some of that new frosting mix. It tastes a little  sweet for my liking but the flavor is good. Now keep in mind if you use a frosting decorator like I did, you don’t want to squeeze to hard because it will make the cake explode. I could actually feel the cake swelling.

Served on a cupcake platter with vanilla ice cream in little bowls on the side makes for a festive yet pretty dessert for a 19 year old young woman. Gone are the days of Sesame Street, Barbie and balloon cakes.

Sigh, where has the time gone……..



2 thoughts on “Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

  1. Beth… They look delicious! Did you use the pretty cupcake liners you blogged about a month or so back?
    I try to remember how fast time flies whenever I step on a Barbie shoe…

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