New Addition

We have a new addition to the family. Lilly Rose joined our family last night at 7:45 pm. No I didn’t have a baby, we have a new kitty!


We have not had any pets for the last year and a half. One week before my heart attack, our cat who we had for 16 years passed away in his sleep. It literally broke my heart and my children’s. Two months before he died our two beagles who were 15 years old had to be put down. They were brother and sister and both had arthritis so bad that they couldn’t stand, walk and weren’t eating. It was their time.

Fast forward to now, and we are ready to have a pet again. This little girl is adorable!


She is so tiny and is very active, something that I am not used to. It is so hard to get a good picture of her because she is always moving.


This one is blurry, but it is one of the better ones of her just laying there. She is always moving either her back legs or her front. She is already loved very much and it has only been 24 hours.

Life with her will be enjoyed and interesting I am sure.



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