Garden Fresh

Finally our garden is producing! After so much rain and now we are having extreme heat, the garden is doing well. We have lots of tomatoes growing and I even checked our grape tomatoes.


We have tons that are green and several that are orange red. There were several this morning that were perfect for popping into your mouth, so my son and I enjoyed tomatoes right off of the vine. So juicy and refreshing! You can’t beat fresh picked!!

For dinner tonight we had fresh green beans from the garden along with grilled chicken breasts and grilled stuffed portabella mushrooms and for dessert we had juicy watermelon.


I love when the garden does well. I like the satisfaction of having fresh picked veggies for dinner. Then later in the summer when the tomatoes are ripening at a fast pace, they will be canned for use in the winter. They will go into soup and casseroles. If there are any green tomatoes, they will be turned into relish. Salsa will be canned, as well as end of the garden pickle. Potatoes will be dug up and stored for use in the winter. Cucumbers and zucchini will be eaten fresh and whatever is left will be canned.

How is everyone’s garden doing? Have any recipes that you want to share? I would love to have you share them here.



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