Garbage Burgers

When I was at work yesterday we were talking about portabella mushrooms and how good they are. A coworker mentioned that she makes garbage burgers with portabella mushrooms. I asked her what she put on her burgers and I think that she mentioned everything but the kitchen sink. Well, since then that is all I could think of so tonight that is what we had for dinner.


Somewhere under all of the onions, cheese, mushrooms, bacon and tomato is really a burger! I had put some hot pepper cheese on my burger and then put the onions and mushrooms on top of the cheese so that made the cheese melt all around the burger.

This was more of a low fat garbage burger. I used very lean turkey burger, low fat hot pepper cheese, turkey bacon, and fat free mayo. Let me tell you that it tasted pretty darn good after having a very long day. I really needed some comfort food to make me feel better.

I think that the next time I make them, I might put some green chilies and jalapeno peppers on them to spice them up a little.

What would you put on a garbage burger?



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