When Life Gives You Lemons

I have given up on having a nice summer. We have had so much rain that we haven’t been able to get in the pool, our garden is drenched, and I don’t have any tan lines. Well, ok I don’t really need the tan lines, but it would be nice to have them :). Then the deer seem to like our garden this year. We have never had a problem with deer eating anything until this year. I am not sure why they are eating our green beans, but we are trying to fight back.


First hubby put some solar lights in and around the garden to hopefully make them stay out. That didn’t work so he put up the string around the garden last night, in the rain I might add. We will have to see if the little buggers will stay out now.


Don’t the lights look a little out of place? They are now going to be used as decorations like they are intended for.

Then this morning hubby went outside to check the garden and came back into the house and informed me that the pool has a hole. The water was down several inches. He went to get a patch and my daughter got into the pool to fix it and when she was in there, I noticed that the hole was getting bigger. All of a sudden a HUGE gush of water came out from underneath the pool. Yep, the little hole turned into a GIANT hole.



Well being the mom that I am and realizing that there was no saving the stupid thing, I told my daughter to go “tubing”, or make a big slip and slide.


Might as well use the cover that already has a hole in it!



I wish that I could have joined her. It looked like fun!

So when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!


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