Homemade Spray and Wash

I don’t think that I am the only one that sometimes stands in the laundry room wondering how in the world I will get some of those grubby stains out of the clothes that have piled up. My husband works outside in all of the elements of the weather and comes home from work really dirty sometimes. We have been having a lot of rain which means MUD!! I have always used the spray and wash products that are on the market until now. I wish that I would have found this recipe years ago when my son played football. Let me just say that those uniforms were so nasty and disgusting that I dreaded doing his laundry.


All that you need is 2/3 cup of ammonia, 2/3 cup of Dawn dish soap, 6 Tblsp of baking soda, and 2 cups of warm water. Mix it all together and pour into a spray bottle. I reused an old spray bottle and rinsed it well before adding the mixture.


Just make sure that when you do use it, shake it up a little as it does separate. I was so happy when I realized how well it cleaned my hubby’s jeans.


This is a before picture of one of the pant legs of his jeans. There were some stains on here that have been on here that never came out before.


After. The stains are gone and all you see now is where the jeans are getting worn. I love it! This is definitely a keeper in my laundry room. I am sure that if you had a bad stain such as chocolate or grass you should let it soak in for a few minutes or even scrub it a little before putting it in the wash.

Yes, this was on Pinterest and I am so glad that I tried it. I remember a recipe that I saw in the Tightwad Gazette where you had to soak your clothes, but I didn’t want to have to mess with a bucket and have to wait just to wash some clothes. This spray is perfect to have on hand.

This actually makes doing laundry more fun. Well, at least a little more fun 🙂


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