Strawberry Pickin’ Time

Yesterday my daughter and I went berry picking. Strawberry picking to be exact.  It has been very hot and humid here and we had rain in the morning, so we thought that we should pick in the afternoon between storms. There wasn’t very many people picking and I thought that there wasn’t much left, but we found out otherwise. They are tiny this year, not sure if it is due to the weather, but they are full of flavor.


We were in our own row and there was only one other woman next to us. I actually liked it that way because in past years there seemed to be people yelling and you couldn’t even talk to someone next to you if you wanted to. The lady that was next to us said that she loved to chat with the person next to her while picking berries. I learned a lot from her as she and her husband have a farm. I told her a few little tidbits of info that I knew of certain things and she seemed so happy to have talked with me. We both decided that since the berries are so tiny, that the work wasn’t in picking the berries, but when we get home and want to make jelly or freeze them. Yep, those little berries are a lot of work.


When we got home my daughter began getting the berries ready for making strawberries and biscuits. I mixed up a homemade batch of biscuits and popped those into the oven while the berries made their own juice with a little help from some sugar.


There is nothing like eating freshly picked strawberries over fresh from the oven biscuits, except maybe a little whipped topping on top :).

With about 7 quarts left, I will be making some jam and leaving the rest to eat fresh. Yes, there will be work ahead, but it will be worth it.



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