Buried Treasure!

Yesterday was a laid back day at our house. My hubby finally got out a metal detector that we had given to us years ago and got it running. What is that saying, boys and their toys? Well that is what happened yesterday. I didn’t see him sit still all day. All around the yard he went looking for something exciting.


At least he didn’t leave holes everywhere. My daughter and son even joined in the fun. I was in the house when she found a horseshoe. I heard her screaming for me and when I came out this is what I found.


My husband started building our house before I met him and when they cleared the land years ago he found one then too. We will have to clean this one up and add it to the collection :).

Later in the evening my son was trying his luck along side my hubby and daughter and they found a spark plug that says made in the USA.


I am not sure if there are any spark plugs made in the USA or not anymore, but I thought that this was neat.

We found a lot of nails, barbed wire, and beer cans. We did find money! One whole Lincoln! Whoo Hoo!! It was fun just messing around in the yard, but I would like to take it somewhere to maybe find something really cool. Maybe it could make us rich! Well, if I can’t be rich I would at least like to find something unique.

Until then you just might find us digging somewhere………







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