Taco Lasagna

Many years ago I wanted to make something different. We all like tacos in our house, so I thought why not make my version of taco lasagna? It was a hit the first time that I made it. I had made it for friends one time and I doubled the recipe which did make it a more heavy, dense meal so I never did that again. This is my original recipe.


I put some salsa on the bottom of a 9×13 pan. I didn’t measure it, I just made sure that the bottom of the pan was wet.


I then took two flour tortillas and spread some lowfat cream cheese on them. Lay the tortillas in the pan, on the salsa.


Then put some more salsa on the tortillas, then some cooked taco meat. I browned 2 pounds of ground turkey and used Mrs. Dash taco seasoning. I usually make my own, but I tried the new Mrs. Dash. It is VERY spicy. On top of the meat put a layer of cheese down. Keep making layers like this until you have used 6 tortillas.


I drizzled taco sauce all over the top layer of the lasagna. Bake at 375 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes. Just like any lasagna let it sit for a few minutes.


Look at the melted goodness of that cheese! Now I have to say that you can add more to this if you want to. Not everyone in my family likes black olives and green chilies or I would have added those to it. When I used to eat this, I would serve it with a bed of lettuce and sour cream. Now that I can’t  eat this, no one else wants the lettuce and just tells me not to get it out for them. It is funny though that they still want the sour cream :).



When you put the cream cheese on the tortillas, they seem to get the texture of lasagna noodles. My daughter had been wanting me to make this since I hadn’t made it in so long. She was a happy camper.

This is definitely one of those comfort foods that melts in your mouth.



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