I know that there is that superstition that if a bird flies into a window and dies that means a death in the family. But, while eating my lunch today, I heard the loudest thud ever and realized that it came from the living room. I looked and found a bird had hit the window and fell to the porch floor. The strange thing is it was actually under a chair. The poor thing died almost instantly.


I know that it might seem a little morbid that I took a picture of a dead bird and posted it on here, but I am a sensitive person and this bothered me.

Am I superstitious? Well, sort of. Do I think that since this bird flew into my window and died that I will have a loved one pass away? Well, I certainly hope not! I do believe in other superstitions though.

I fully believe that pennies do come from heaven. There have been times that I have found pennies in the most mysterious places. When we have moved our son into college apartments in the last couple of years, I have found pennies in the most odd places. The last place that our son lived in had a linen closet. What college boy is going to use a linen closet? When we moved him into that place, I had found a penny tucked away in that closet. Strange? Yes, but I wonder if someone was looking over those boys last year?

The other superstitions like walking under a ladder and not stepping on cracks in the sidewalk, I generally don’t worry about. Call me weird but I will not open an umbrella indoors. Not because of superstitions but because it just feels wrong. It doesn’t rain in the house, right?

I really feel bad for the bird that still lays on my porch as I type this. I hope that his life was a good one and that there was a reason for him dying. That is one thing that I believe in, there is a reason for everything.

Superstitious or not, there are reasons for everything.




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