Living In A Disney Movie

While my husband and daughter were husking corn for dinner tonight, they happen to notice that there was a momma skunk and four babies coming down the trail near where they were standing. Hubby and daughter decided that the corn was done and came into the house.  Well, while I was finishing dinner I happen to look out the living room window and saw the skunks crossing the driveway and walk through the front yard.




I know that they are skunks, but aren’t they just the cutest things?



It is a good thing that my daughter’s camera has a good zoom on it lol. I wasn’t sure if the momma would spray if her babies were around or not. We stayed back far enough.


After this picture was taken, they just wandered off into the woods again. Those little babies are the cutest things to watch. They looked so fluffy and adorable.

Everyday we seem to have deer in our front yard just wandering around and they don’t seem too spooked by us. Every morning when I am in the bathroom brushing my teeth I can hear a turkey gobble. This past week ole Tom strutted into the back yard and my daughter noticed him out of her bedroom window. She came running down the stairs and grabbed her camera. We headed to the basement and got a pretty good shot of Tom showing his stuff.


This picture is blurry due to a screen in the window. Those are two hens right next to Tom. We were both wondering if they would have stayed in the yard and we might have seen a National Geographic moment, but they meandered into the woods.

The joke in our house this summer is that we live in a Disney movie. There are bunnies everywhere this year, woodchucks are an abundance as well, and so are the dear. It is enjoyable watching nature at it’s best.




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