Thrift Shop Fun

I haven’t been to any thrift shops in awhile between my surgery and being busy at work, so today I ventured out. I am glad that I went. I was just going to poke around and maybe look for a little lamp shade for one of my lamps. I did find a shade and some like new bath towels. I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money but when I saw “the purse”, I knew that I had to have it. A Coach Purse to be exact.


It was $12. I will gladly pay that for a Coach purse because there is no way that I will pay hundreds of dollars for one.

I then perused the racks and found two tops from Charlotte Russe and a pair of pants from Style and Co. from QVC. I paid a whopping 75¢ total for all three items.




I work as a pharmacy tech and we are not aloud to wear jeans so I am always on the hunt for dress clothes. I hate paying a lot for my clothes but at the same time I like to look good.

So for everything in these pictures all I paid was $12.75. I was a little disappointed in missing out on getting a quilt. There was one hanging and just as I saw it, another woman picked it up and asked how much it was, $3. THREE dollars for a beautiful quilt. I was sorry that I missed that one.

I like these kind of trips when I find awesome things. I haven’t been to any garage sales yet so it was nice to go to the thrift shop. I did see a sign for a local church to have a rummage sale this week. I work on the first day of the sale which is a bummer, but I can go on bag day. You never know, I might just find that great bargain that no one else wanted!





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