Move Over Hamburger Helper!

My healthy lifestyle means that I don’t eat processed foods. I really have never much liked hamburger helper. When my kids were little and into extracurricular activities, I would use hamburger helper as my version of fast food. Looking back on it I can’t believe that I would serve it. Yuck! It isn’t that hard to make your own. After a busy and stressful week at work this past week, I enjoyed a day off today and I really didn’t feel like making a fancy meal.  I realized that I had some cabbage to use up so then I looked in the pantry and I also had an open bag of no yolk egg noodles to use up. Hmm, I thought that I had one more bag of deer burger to use up, so I just thought that I would make my version of hamburger helper.


All I did was brown the meat, sliced onions, and cabbage together. In the meantime I boiled the noodles. When the meat was done I added the noodles,  some pepper and sodium free beef bouillon. I let it simmer until the cabbage was tender. When my hubby came up from the basement and said that dinner smelled good, I knew that it was time to eat 🙂

We had watermelon and strawberries for dessert to round out the meal. It was a meal that was not processed and full of things that we couldn’t pronounce. I like that!




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