Lip Smacking Belly Rubbing Good!

I had mentioned in my previous post about feeding the four of us for $8 for dinner. Here is what we had: Beef sandwiches, fresh veggies cut up, baked beans, and fresh cantaloupe for dessert. It was a cheap, fairly healthy dinner. I personally don’t eat canned baked beans, but hubby and the kids like them better than homemade. They had the beans and I just had the veggies and fruit with my sandwich.

I first dredged the beef in some flour and pepper then browned it in very little oil.


When it was almost done browning, I added some water, but not a lot. I then put in some salt free beef bouillon, onions, and mushrooms.


I let it sit on low until the meat was cooked and tender. When it was time to eat, everyone put their favorite cheese and condiments on their own. I had low fat swiss cheese and mustard on mine.


I have to say that it was a pretty good sandwich. I usually don’t eat a lot of beef, so this was a treat for me. All of the veggies, cantaloupe and cheese were bought from Aldi. The beef and buns were from a local store so the prices were kept to a minimum. The left over veggies will go into lunches tomorrow, and the leftover buns will be put aside for another meal. You can eat cheap and still have food that you can enjoy.

I call it my lip smacking, belly rubbing, bone licking good food. Am I crazy? Maybe, but it sure is good 🙂




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