A Frugal Day

When you work out of the home, it can be difficult to do certain things that are frugal. For one, I like to hang clothes outside to save on electric. I don’t have time to do several loads and get them on the line before I go to work. On days that I have off, I like to do my laundry and hang it up. Today was a day of laundry. Lots of laundry! If I would have done it all and thrown it in the dryer, I would have had my dryer running for hours. Watching that meter run around makes my head spin, and makes my wallet empty. So all of my laundry is enjoying the rays of the sunshine today. I saved money by hanging the clothes out and also got some exercise in as well.

I had a nice visit with my mother today and while we chatted, she reminded me that she had coupons for me. LOTS of coupons!


I will be busy tonight when I sit down for the evening to watch a little tv. Using coupons helps stretch our budget. I don’t use a lot of canned or boxed food, but using coupons on toiletries can be a huge savings. If you follow the ad circulars, you can apply a coupon to a sale and save a substantial sum of money. I haven’t paid full price for any toiletry item in a very long time. I can remember having a stockpile of makeup that my daughter and I bought together years ago. We only bought items that we would use. Retail was over $200, I paid about $25. That is why I use coupons. I love having money in my pocket!

I have dinner cooking as I sit here typing. Most people think that to save money you have to eat boxes of mac and cheese, or beans and weenies. Yuck! I have a nice dinner cooking that cost me $8. It will feed the four of us one meal and there will be some left over veggies and fruit for tomorrows lunches. It will be a healthy meal and I will post later what it is. It smells soo good.

I hope that everyone else has frugal days as well as me. It can help the budget and put a little extra in the bank.




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